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HPL Halogen Lamp 77volt (DIMMER DOUBLER)

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The OSRAM Sylvania HPL model lamp is used in all of the ETC Source Four fixture line; Source 4 Par, Source 4 Zoom, Source 4 ParNEL, Source 4 ERS, and Source 4 Fresnel. The 77v versions are designed to only be used with ETC Dimmer Doubling.

The HPL, or High Performance Lamp was developed as a way of producing the same amount of light from a lower wattage lamp. It's success comes from the fact that its compact filament design focuses all of the light from the most efficient location in a reflector. As a result, a 575 watt HPL lamp can provide the same output as the previous 1000 watt lamps for Ellipsoidal Reflectors. The HPL was proprietary and designed for the Source Four fixture from Electronic Theatre Controls (or ETC for short). Who can be found at etcconnect.com This lamp uses 4 filaments, which is where the product line found it's name; Source 4. 

Don't be fooled by other online retailers who have rock bottom pricing on HPL lamps that may be manufactured by low quality companies. We only stock and sell OSRAM Sylvania lamps because we know their quality is top notch and that you are buying the best lamp for your buck.