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FCM 1000W 120V

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USHIO FCM 1000W 120V


  • Watts: 1000W
  • Volts: 120V
  • Voltage Group: Line voltage
  • Finish: Clear
  • Double-ended ends
  • Overall Length: 4.66"
  • Diameter: 0.375"
  • Burning Position: Horizontal +/- 4 degrees
  • Filament: C6 / Single coil transverse filament
  • Lumens: 28000
  • CC Temp: 3200K
  • Life: 400 hrs.

Compatible with the following fixtures:
Arri-Arrisoft 1000
Arri-Arrisoft 2000
Desisti Lighting Giotto 1
Desisti Lighting- Giotto 2 Horizontal
Desisti Lighting- Giotto 2 Vertical
Desisti Lighting- Giotto 3
Desisti Lighting- Giotto 4 Horizontal
Desisti Lighting- Giotto 4 Vertical
Dexel-Cyc Lite Focusing 118MM
Dexel-Miniluz 1000 Flood Light
Dexel-1000 Compact Softlight
Dexel-2000 Compact Softlight
Dexel-Cyc Light
Mole Richardson-Molequartz 2K Baby Zip Softlite
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-2551 Super Softlite
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-2561 Super Softlite
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-2571 Super Softlite
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-2621 Super Softlite
Mole Richardson-2851 Five Light Overhead Strip
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-2921 1K Nooklite
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-3211 Broad 1000W
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-3371 One Light Mole Groundrow
Mole Richardson-Molequartz-3571-Baby 4K Softlite
Mole Richardson-Five Light Overhead Strip
Selecon-HUI Cyc
Selecon-HUI Flood
Selecon-HUI Groundrow
Strand-LADI Fill
Strand-Orion Groundrow
Techni-Lux- E0298AN-TA
Times Square Lighting-Broadway Cyc 1000
Times Square Lighting-QL1 Flood
Times Square Lighting-Series 720
VGC- Daylighter