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DMX 3/5 Adapter

DMX 3/5 Adapter

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Use a 3/5 Adapter when you have lights, console, or splitters, that do not match the number of pins on their DMX ports. DMX data only requires 3 pins so you can adapt to and from 3 and 5 pins as many times as necessary to make all of your connections.

TIP: If you cannot remember which direction you need, the OUT ports of consoles and lights will be female, and DMX inputs will be Male. So if you have a 5 pin console and 3 pin light, you need a 5 pin Male to 3 pin Female. We name them in the order the data flows


This Connector features:

  • 22 AWG stranded (0.15 x 19 ) tinned copper conductors
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • Twisted pair
  • Polyethylene inner jacket
  • Duofoil (100% coverage) and cotton
  • Tinned copper braid shield (85% coverage)
  • PVC jacket.