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Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool

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If you work in the entertainment lighting field and you've used this tool, you already know how much time it saves. If you don't already know about it, you need to. 
The Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool is lightweight so you don't get weighed down with it hanging on your belt. It also replaces three primary tools; a pin splitter, continuity tester, and an adjustable c-wrench. Purchasing these tools all separately plus having to make sure you have all of them on you when working is a pain. One tool; does nearly all the jobs you need while on a call. 
The Racheting Ultimate Focus Sool even has an optional adapter that allows you to use it to replace your ratcheting socket handle! Contact us if you are interested in that adapter. 
Think about the amazing things in this list that you encounter that this wrench does: 
C-Clamp Bolt 
Yoke Bolt 
Pan Bolt 
Source 4 Handles 
Aluminum Fixture Handles (HOT!) 
Mega Claw Handles 
Roadcase latches 
Cheeseborough bolts 
Fat wingnuts 
Standard wingnuts 
Test a lamp without removing the back cap 
Test a lamp before installing it 
Split Stagepin Pins 
Loosen overtightened Source 4 Barrel knobs 
Loosen shackle pins