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Ultimate Focus Tool

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Every stagehand needs to have an Ultimate Focus Tool in their pocket! The only tool you'll need when focusing lamps, it fits all of the bolts on a standard C-clamp, and even fits wing nuts and road case handles. But it doesn't end there! Two sockets fit the nut for most 6 light lamp bars and the ½in bolt on the yokes of most Leko fixtures. On the back of the tool is a handle slot used to get leverage on over-cranked Leko and PAR handles. There is also a pin splitter on the right side designed to fit 20-60 amp stage pin connectors. One of the greatest features is the continuity tester. It can test Edison, stage pin, Twist, loose lamps and more. The tool is milled from a solid billet of tooling aluminum, and then anodized, proving to be strong, light-weight and highly resistant to scratching. Approximate size: 5-5/6in long x 1-1/4in wide